Ride with Kota

Ride With Kota

It’s your life, carve it!

Group rides in a classic truck to the top of a slope

With instruction from KOTA team riders you’ll be in control of your longboard in no time. Fun, mind clearing, social, outside.

It’s always more
fun together!

It’s always more fun together! KOTA Escadrille riders will provide equipment and instruction. Book your KOTA Adventure today and learn to carve on a longboard. Be that person!

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Individual Package(s):

2 hours of instruction and riding with KOTA team riders

  • $200 / person – instruction only
  • $500 / person – instruction + your own KOTA Longboard

Deluxe Package:

Includes tour of the KOTA factory and dinner with the KOTA founders.

  • $1500 / couple – includes instruction + 2 KOTA longboards

Instructor leading students downhill

Student having fun riding downhill

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