VA-164 Lady Jessie

Celebrate the legacy of Lady Jessie Beck riding this VA-164 Lady Jessie longboard skateboard from KOTA.

KOTA longboards are engineered like high performance downhill skis for superior turning and carving performance. The VA-164 Lady Jessie longboard is easy to learn to ride and gives you an exceptionally smooth riding experience – not to mention the cool factor of riding this stunning work of art.

NO GRIP TAPE REQUIRED! All KOTA longboards feature our KOTAgrip finish so don’t require grip tape. Available only at

BEST eBOARD ON THE MARKET! All KOTA designs are available as electric longboards or “eBoards”. Select eBoard options below. For more information visit the KOTA eBoard specifications page here. Bottom graphics may be altered to accommodate eBoard components.

KOTA longboards are handcrafted using tung oil based stains. Colors vary from deck to deck making each board unique. Finished product may vary in color from that depicted.

BOARD SIZE: 9 3/8″ Wide X 44″ Long
7 Ply American Hard Rock Maple


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Shark WheelsStandard non-electric components are Paris 180mm trucks, Shark Wheels 70mm/78A or Remember Collective California Cruisers 70mm/78A (depending upon availability), KOTA Precision Bearings & 1/2″ Risers.  Many of our boards are made to order.  Please allow approximately 14 days to delivery.  All sales are final.  30 days manufacturer’s defect replacement only. California Cruiser Wheels

Electric boards may take up to 60 days to deliver. Please contact KOTA for estimated delivery time. Spitfire Mk V comes with 7″ trucks. P-51 Mustang comes with 9″ trucks. All sales are final. Standard KOTA 30 days manufacturer’s defect replacement only on deck. Components (battery and drive train) 90 days manufacturer’s defect replacement only.

Board Shapes Explained

Select a board to learn more about each shape.

Add an 8th ply for increased stability if you are over the recommended weight for the board shape you want to ride (non-electrics only).


Max Recommended Rider Weight: 190 lbs

Packed with energy the SPAD XIII is flexible and highly maneuverable. Ideal for campus commuting or an invigorating weekend ride - and always with style! Fly like Rickenbacker on your SPAD XIII.


Max Recommended Rider Weight: 230 lbs

Like a high performance jet, the Nieuport 17 is ideal for an exceptional land surfing experience. Sleek style with inspiring performance. Gear up, flaps up - it's time to fly on your Nieuport 17.


Max Recommended Rider Weight: 250 lbs

The Handley Page Type O is the ideal cruiser. Good surface area for a stable, comfortable ride but always ready to turn. You can't go wrong with the remarkably nimble Handley Page.


Max Recommended Rider Weight: 250 lbs

Classic design inspired by the earliest longboard surfboards. The stable but surprisingly maneuverable Sopwith Pup delivers pure joy whether cruising long distances, carving a slope or learning to ride for the first time.

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