KOTA longboards are handcrafted using tung oil based stains. Colors vary from deck to deck making each board unique. Finished product may vary in color from that depicted.

BOARD SIZE: 9″ Wide X 40″ Long
7 Ply American Hard Rock Maple


Standard components are Paris 180mm trucks, Remember Collective California Cruiser Wheels 70mm/78A, KOTA Precision Bearings & 1/2″ Risers.  Many of our boards are made to order.  Please allow approximately 14 days to delivery.  All sales are final.  30 days manufacturer’s defect replacement only.

Board Shapes Explained

Select a board to learn more about each shape.

Add an 8th ply for increased stability if you are over the recommended weight for the board shape you want to ride (non-electrics only).


Max Recommended Rider Weight: 190 lbs

Packed with energy the SPAD XIII is flexible and highly maneuverable. Ideal for campus commuting or an invigorating weekend ride - and always with style! Fly like Rickenbacker on your SPAD XIII.


Max Recommended Rider Weight: 230 lbs

Like a high performance jet, the Nieuport 17 is ideal for an exceptional land surfing experience. Sleek style with inspiring performance. Gear up, flaps up - it's time to fly on your Nieuport 17.


Max Recommended Rider Weight: 250 lbs

The Handley Page Type O is the ideal cruiser. Good surface area for a stable, comfortable ride but always ready to turn. You can't go wrong with the remarkably nimble Handley Page.


Max Recommended Rider Weight: 250 lbs

Classic design inspired by the earliest longboard surfboards. The stable but surprisingly maneuverable Sopwith Pup delivers pure joy whether cruising long distances, carving a slope or learning to ride for the first time.

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