KOTA Longboarding Betties

KOTA Longboarding Betties

The Longboarding Betties logo celebrates the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs). These pilots served their country quietly and heroically, pioneering women in aviation.

KOTA’s Longboarding Betties Club is open to women of all ages. KOTA Escadrille instructors are on hand to help you get riding safely. Demo decks and eBoards, protective gear and FUN are provided. Come ride with KOTA Longboards at one of our Longboarding Betties gatherings in Denver’s Ruby Hill Park.

Longboarding Betties 2019 schedule:

Sunday, July 71 pm - 3 pmRuby Hill Park
Sunday, July 141 pm - 3 pmRuby Hill Park
Sunday, Aug 111 pm - 3 pmRuby Hill Park (RAINED OUT)
Sunday, Sept 11 pm - 3 pmRuby Hill Park
Sunday, Sept 81 pm - 3 pmRuby Hill Park (Cancelled WX)

Like KOTA Longboards on FaceBook and keep an eye out for updates or changes to the Longboarding Betties schedule. Weather or concert events may alter dates or times.

Longboarding Betties at Washington Park, Denver CO

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