Giving Back

Carve It For Life!

CIFL! (Carve It For Life!) is a 501c3 post traumatic stress healing program for veterans, first responders and their families.  Through CIFL!, KOTA is committed to helping those who have served on the front lines – overseas and here at home – find a lifelong path of healing by enjoying the freedom, community and recreation of longboarding.

Serving Our
Men and Women who Serve


KOTA Longboards includes Army, Navy and USAF tactical aviation veterans and graduates of the U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN). Our combined tours include several trips to Iraq and Somalia.

KOTA actively supports veterans groups such as the Navy SEAL Foundation, Danny Dietz Leadership & Training Institute, the Wounded Warrior Project, Little Warriors: A Brian Bill Project and many others. Our intention is to show our appreciation for the service and sacrifices of our warriors in every way we can.

The greatest wound for a warrior is being ignored and forgotten. KOTA remains true to our brothers and sisters in arms.

We ride with you.



photo credits: DP Boersch and Marla Photo (thank you both for your support of CIFL! and KOTA!!).

Planet 720

PLANET 720 refers to a callsign and a date – enough said.  It’s our way of remembering fallen comrades and a reminder to all KOTA Longboards enthusiasts that we dedicate a portion of our profits to veterans support causes.

Planet 720 logo

Lt. Frank Luke, Jr. 1918 DSC(2), Medal of Honor

Lt. Frank Luke, Jr. 1918 DSC(2), Medal of Honor

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