The KOTA Story

KOTA (Knights Of The Air) began in 2012 in our garage.  We felt that, given the right product, longboarding was ready to emerge into the mainstream action sports market.

KOTA is more than a longboard company. We established the brand to elevate the qualities of honor, integrity, service and courage in our societal dialogue. At KOTA, we’re committed to holding ourselves to a higher standard in all that we do – every day.

Please join us in the KOTA family. Experience the feeling of gliding on a spectacular work of art. Smooth, controlled, physically invigorating but mentally relaxing, carving on a KOTA longboard is like powder skiing in the summer or surfing on land.

KOTA Longboards:  it’s your life, CARVE IT!


KNIGHTS OF THE AIR:  In 1903 the Wright brothers flew the first powered flight on a beach near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. When the world went to war in 1914, powered flight was still a relative novelty – romantic and daring. First coined in France, the title ‘Knights of the Air’ was given to the daring pilots who flew these early airplanes into combat.

Knights of the Air was more than a moniker as it embodied the chivalric code from medieval times. This code of courage, honor and esprit de corps often defined the conduct of pilots even amid the desperation of aerial combat.

KOTA Longboards embraces the concept of chivalry forged in the air by these brave warriors. We strive to bring you handcrafted longboards of the highest quality and sophisticated styling. We’re honored that you have an interest in our product. Enjoy the ride!

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