Frequently Asked Questions

Does KOTAgrip ever wear out?KOTAgrip will last the lifetime of the board! It won't wear out, wear off or degrade like grip tape or other spray on grip finishes.

Other spray on grip finishes use silica or glass beads for grip. KOTAgrip doesn't have any pores or particulate. It's completely smooth so dirt, grime, even road tar will wipe off with a wet paper towel or clean wipe.
Will KOTAgrip stay grippy when it's wet?As long as your feet or shoes are in contact with KOTAgrip, it will stay grippy. We ride in the rain and in snowy conditions here in Denver on a regular basis and never lose confidence in KOTAgrip.
Why don't you inset your truck screws?Insetting screws induces cracking along the truck holes. Most other longboards are covered with grip tape so you never see that cracking. We can - and it degrades the aesthetic quality of KOTA boards.

We can't stop all cracks from forming, but we try to prevent, or at least minimize them by using flush mounted screws with a nylon washer to add even greater protection.
What is camber?Camber is the upward arc of the board from toe to tail. Next time you're driving down the highway and see an empty 18-wheeler, notice that the flatbed is arced upward. That's intentionally done - just like how we camber our boards.

Flattening out the camber induces a tremendous amount of tension and compression in that flatbed frame or our longboards. That translates into ENERGY. This energy strengthens the board and acts as a shock absorber. It also becomes energy you can use to set an edge, carving and traversing to control your speed.
I've never ridden before. Is it difficult to learn how to longboard?Many of our clients are first time riders. We teach people how to ride all the time. With the proper instruction on foot placement, body position and center of gravity, we typically get even a novice riding comfortably in about 20 minutes.

If you're local to Denver or are passing through, please check our Facebook page for Longboarding Betties events where we offer free lessons!
What does KOTA mean?KOTA is an acronym for Knights Of The Air. Knight Of The Air was the moniker given to the earliest pilots over 100 years ago during World War One. It's more than just a name though. Knights Of The Air embodies a code of honor, integrity, courage and esprit de corps bred from the Chivalric Code.

Simply put, KOTA stands for holding ourselves to a higher standard in all that we do.
Do you make your boards in the U.S.A.?Yes! We hand make our boards in our factory in the Ruby Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Our boards are made from 1/16" veneers of Hard Rock Maple (HRM) from Wisconsin. HRM is a specific species of Maple chosen for it's unique combination of lignin content, fiber density and fiber strength. HRM is perfectly suited to mold into our hyperbolic saddle form and recover to that shape after multiple cycles of flex.

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