Recreational Healing Through Longboarding

posted on: November 5, 2017
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When it comes to stress  recreation is the antidote! At KOTA, we believe that recreation is the best way to relieve

When it comes to stress 

recreation is the antidote!

At KOTA, we believe that recreation is the best way to relieve stress.  Longboarding is both physically invigorating and mentally relaxing – particularly the style of land surfing suited to a KOTA longboard!  When a rider gets into the rhythm of carving and traversing the fall-line, tension and stress just melt away.

Working with Wounded Warrior Project®, KOTA has piloted our Carve It For Life! (CIFL!) PTS healing program with excellent results.  CIFL! is peer-to-peer, recreational therapy through longboarding, providing physical and emotional tools to promote continuous healing post-program.

Participants in the CIFL! program rapidly gain confidence in their riding ability.  They feel the freedom, exhilaration and relaxation from longboarding, along with the camaraderie of skating with fellow veterans and first responders.

Each CIFL! participant gets a personalized longboard, allowing CIFL! alumni to continue on the lifelong journey of self-healing.  One very positive and unexpected outcome from the program is that alumni have spontaneously formed informal riding groups.  The healing continues as a communal activity that undoubtedly enhances the healing process.

At KOTA we say that dedicating oneself to “Service” means that at some point, you’ve made the conscious decision to put someone else’s best interests ahead of your own.  In the military context this means we’ll lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters-in-arms.  We’ll travel to a foreign country that we’ve never heard of, where we have scant understanding of culture and customs, and little in common with its inhabitants.  Yet we willing risk our lives to give those people a peaceful meal, the ability to attend school, safely farm their land and have some hope that their quality of life can improve.

Whether it’s a longboard auctioned off for charity, a donation from the sale of a board or expanding our CIFL! program, KOTA is dedicated to having a positive impact on our community that goes well beyond the prosperity of our business.  Continuing to serve is simply coded into the KOTA DNA.

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