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Serving with Honor

To commit yourself to a life of service means, that at some point, you have made the conscious decision to put someone else’s best interests ahead of your own. Crossing this Rubicon is a life-changing event guiding your approach to life, relationships and business.

KOTA is honored to give back to our community in many ways from supporting causes that benefit veterans, first responders and children to our for-credit longboarding program with local middle schools.

Camber brings your ride to life! Camber is the upward arc from nose to tail present in every KOTA longboard. Concave refers to the U shape molded into the board’s upper surface. These engineered elements in the construction of KOTA boards are what allow YOU to control your ride, delivering adventure on your terms – infused with performance and style.

Concave adds turning response and confidence! Concave in the upper surface directs energy in the core to the board’s edge, giving you added leverage to manipulate the board’s camber.

Camber & Concave – packing your ride with energy and responsiveness while giving you a smooth and comfortable carving experience.

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Each and every KOTA longboard is handcrafted with a focus on quality and detail. Utilizing our AIM-54 stains, we’re able to highlight the extraordinary beauty of the Maplewood grain making every KOTA board unique.

Every KOTA board features our exclusive KOTA metal medallion inset into its toe. Designed in the genre of vintage bicycle head-badges, the KOTA medallion adds something special to your ride. It shows everyone around you that you’re a part of the KOTA family.

Whether you ride a KOTA Classic, Michael Schwab Collection, Dewey Weber, Military Series or Macchi M.40, your KOTA longboard is uniquely YOU.

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At KOTA we’ve never been content with the status quo. That’s why we developed KOTAgrip, the first truly clear, non-porous grip finish. KOTAgrip will last the lifetime of your deck giving you confidence in your command of the board even riding in the rain.

You’ll only find KOTAgrip

on a KOTA longboard!


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All KOTA longboards are manufactured from start to finish in our factory in Denver, Colorado. Just a few blocks from the new Levitt Pavilion in Ruby Hill.  You’re welcome to come by and meet the team that made your ride!

1400 S. Lipan Street, Denver, Colorado 80223

Open M-F 9 AM to 5 PM

Weekends by appointment

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Your Kota

Join Our World! Come ride with us and embark on your own lifelong longboarding adventure. Learn from KOTA Escadrille riders how to safely carve on your KOTA longboard. In short order we’ll teach you how to be in control of your ride, unlocking the freedom and excitement of this emerging action sport.

At KOTA, what really inspires us is YOU because we believe you are all pilots, race car drivers, adventurers and explorers. KOTA connects with a diverse, broad and dynamic demographic embodying fellowship, honor, trust, confidence and compassion.

See which CARVE with KOTA package is best for you and schedule your own KOTA adventure today!

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